Everybody Loves to Win!

And guess what? Everybody can!!! Kids Create is giving away prizes. And it is so easy to claim your free stuff because we all need more free stuff…and I would love to have some new ideas šŸ™‚ So here’s the deal, you can “win” a a prize one of two ways:

  1. Email me a recipe idea that you want me to try out that is creative, fun, easy and at least a little bit on the healthier side along with your name and address. My email address is sharmi.crowther@usu.edu. If I use your recipe on Kids Create, then you will get a prize mailed to you.
  2. Email me a picture of you making or eating one of the recipes I posted on Kids Create, and you get a prize–how easy is that?!!!! Make sure you include your name and address and email me at sharmi.crowther@usu.edu. 

    This is an example of how to get a prize from option #2. Unfortunately, they don’t get a prize on this one because I made the recipe ;), but you get the idea…I am ready to give away free stuff like crazy, so get those emails to me!!!!

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