Don’t forget the snacks!

Sometimes we forget that snacks are a very important part of the day. And we forget the importance of the kinds of snacks we choose. The very best snacks are fruits and vegetables in season. Right now, the citrus fruits (oranges and grapefruits) and broccoli and cauliflower are in season. Apples, pineapple, and celery are good this time of year also. They are at the peak of their nutrition and they will possibly be on sale. These fruits and veggies are loaded with vitamin C which boosts your immune system and helps you fight off those nasty cold and flu bugs this time of year! Eat up and stay healthy!

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I reposted this cute snack picture that Laurie Bates found in a Woman’s Day Magazine. Definitely play with your food in this way!

If you can’t get fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen and canned are still good options. Make sure you give your body that nutrition boost every day by using fruit and veggies in your snacks!

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