Touched Ya Last!

In the cold weather, we sometimes just want to sit inside but we need to be active! This is just a little reminder that even 5 or 10 minutes can make a big difference. I love to be active by playing games. One of our family favorites is a form of tag, called “Touched Ya Last”.


The rules to the game are very simple: Go up and touch someone and say, “Touched ya last!” and then they try to tag you back and when they do, they say, “touched ya last!” Try to be the person who has touched most people last. That’s it. Play as long as you want. Fun and easy and active. Happy playing!



One thought on “Touched Ya Last!

  1. Your blog is brilliant! You have so many great (and delicious) kid cooking recipes, and I love the physical activity ideas sprinkled in. Keep them coming!


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