Water, water, everywhere…

Just a reminder on how important it is to drink enough water EVERY day! water-321524__340

How much water do we need each day?

We need eight 8-oz. glasses of water every single day!

Why do we need that much water every day?

Since our bodies are 60% water, we need to keep hydrated to stay healthy, and have energy to do all the stuff we need to do every day. Our bodies use water in every thing we do!

What are some ways to make sure we drink enough water?

Stop and get a drink every time you pass by a drinking fountain.
Carry a water bottle with you and drink out of it all day long.
Drink water with every meal and choose it instead of soda pop!

Having enough water EVERY day makes a huge difference on how we feel. It helps us think better, have more energy, and even prevents us from getting sick. What are some creative ways you can think of to get enough water during the day?


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