Holy Guacamole!


Make this guacamole and then share it with your family. Be sure to try it before sharing because a tasty recipe like this doesn’t last long!


How do you know if an avocado is ripe and good to eat?? Watch the video below!


Family Mealtime Themes


Start a fun tradition by creating a theme for family mealtime. My personal favorite is Taco Tuesday!

Another fun idea is having a book or movie themed dinner! Can you think of a food from a favorite book or movie that you could make? How about green eggs and ham from Dr. Seuss or butter beer from Harry potter?

Look at the list below for some other fun dinner theme ideas. Plan a fun dinner with your family and let us know how it goes by leaving a comment!



Picnics & Parks

What things come to your mind when you think of being healthy? Some things I think of are:

  • Eating fruits and veggies
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Homemade meals
  • Being happy
  • Spending time outdoors
  • Playing & being active
  • Family mealtime

Lets talk about how we can combine those last two: Being active and family mealtime.

What are some ways that you can involve physical activity around mealtimes?

Happy Creating!

Banana Smoothie

Having a family meal doesn’t have to be complicated. Try having a family meal at breakfast with these simple and delicious banana smoothies!




Chit Chat and Chow

May there never be a dull moment at the dinner table! Use these conversation starters for some fun mealtime talk.

Conversation Starter Printable

Sometimes we get so hypnotized by our phones, that we forget to have a regular conversation with the family.

It may not seem like a big deal, but conversing with your family during meals can help your brain develop, it can boost your mood, and it can help you practice communication skills that you will need to be successful as an adult.

So exercise your brains and try these different conversation starters! Comment below and tell us what topic you use this week!




Have fun!

Fall Activities!


There is no reason for boredom during the Fall season! Check out these activity lists for some fun ideas. For printable versions, simply click on the list.



Family Mealtime Month!

September is the time to celebrate National Family Meals Month. This month we will learn about the importance of family mealtime, fun mealtime activities, and new recipes! It will be a goooood time!

To start this month off, take the pledge below. If you’d like to print it out (maybe put it on your fridge?) just click on the image.


Want to take it one step further? Print out the goal sheet below and discuss with your family what health related goals you want to make this month! (click on it for a printable version)



Be on the lookout for more blog posts about family mealtimes!

Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti

If you’re not sure what do with a spaghetti squash, just do what the name says. Make spaghetti! It’s super easy but everyone will think you’re an awesome cook.

Just like regular spaghetti you’ll need spaghetti sauce and whatever you like to put in your sauce. For this recipe I added ground turkey and cherry tomatoes (fresh from the garden!). The noodles in this recipe are replaced with spaghetti squash.


For this recipe, I went the easy route and microwaved the squash. To do this you poke the squash a bunch of times with a knife (be careful 🙂). Put the squash in the microwave for 15 minutes – rotate the squash every 5 minutes.


Prepare the sauce while the squash is in the microwave. I cooked the ground turkey, then added the spaghetti sauce and sliced cherry tomatoes.



When the squash is done you should be able poke it fairly easily with a fork. Cut the squash lengthwise and remove the seeds. Click here to learn how to roast the seeds.



Once the seeds are removed, take a fork and pretend like you’re giving your squash a nice scratch. The flesh of the squash should easily tear away from the skin.


Top the cooked spaghetti squash with some of the sauce and the dish is complete!


Bon appetite!

Scrumptious Spaghetti Squash

spsqThis is the last week that we’ll be focusing on a seasonal fruit or vegetable. Don’t worry, there are many fun, delicious, and nutritious things in store!

To end this fun series, we’re entering the world of winter squash by learning about spaghetti squash! Can you guess why this squash is called spaghetti squash? It got the name because, when its cooked the inside becomes stringy like spaghetti.

It’s still a little bit early for spaghetti squash to be harvested. Winter squash is in season in the fall and winter. Keep an eye out for spaghetti squash at a local farmers market or at the grocery store.

When picking out a spaghetti squash, look for one that is heavy and doesn’t have any soft spots or cracks. 👍


healthbenefits png



Spaghetti squash will make your body happy because its tasty and nutritious! Below are some of the nutrients in spaghetti squash:

Fiber: helps with good digestion and regulating blood sugar

Vitamin C: boosts the immune system

B Vitamins: needed for the conversion of food into energy

Manganese: also needed for converting food to energy and for healthy bones



Squash your hunger with spaghetti squash! This squash is usually eaten cooked, click here to watch a short video on how to cook spaghetti squash. Here are some ideas on how to eat cooked spaghetti squash:

  • Top the squash with spaghetti sauce for spaghetti squash spaghetti!
  • Top it with any sauce that sounds good to you
  • Simply season it with your favorite spices
  • Sprinkle some cheese on it while its hot
  • Mix it with some roasted vegetables

This video will make your mouth water by showing 4 creative ways to use spaghetti squash!








As mentioned, spaghetti squash is a type of winter squash. Other common types of winter squash include:

Butternut: this squash has a light tan color and is pear-shaped – it has a light, sweet flavor

Acorn: this squash has green and orange skin – it has a mild nutty flavor.

Pumpkin: everyone’s favorite squash to carve. Click here for a whole blog post about pumpkin.



Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti


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