Why Whole Grains?

Awhile ago, I talked about how your body is like a car and how you need different foods from ALL of the food groups every day.  Just like a car needs certain amounts of fluids, your body needs certain amounts of each food group. It is not good for your car to have too much oil or too much air in the tires, just like it is not good if you don’t have enough. That is the same with food in the food groups. Let’s start with the Grains Group…

What are grains?

Grains are grown in fields and the most common are: Wheat, Corn, Rice, Oats, and Barley.

What are grains used for?

Grains are used to make breads, cereals, pastas, rice dishes, etc. Usually anything made with flour comes from grains.

How do grains help our bodies?

The main job of grains is to provide energy. Energy helps us run, jump, swim, play, and stay active!

One half of the grains we eat in a day should be whole grains, what are whole grains?

Whole grains are foods that include the WHOLE grain. Whole wheat, corn, brown rice, and oatmeal are all whole grains. White flour is NOT a whole grain since the bran and germ have been removed from the wheat kernels.

Why is it important to eat whole grains?

Why did I put a picture of a shower???? Well, whole grains contain fiber which cleans the inside of your body.  Just like you need to take a bath or shower every day, the inside of your body needs to be cleaned too!

So why whole grains?

Eating whole grains will keep your body clean on the inside and give you energy which makes for a great day!
Start your day off right with whole grains!

Skillet Sensations!

I almost wore out my waffle iron and so I am going to give it a little rest and move on to the electric skillet. I am so excited to share some awesome things you can do with an electric skillet. Please share any ideas you want me to try or things you have tried and win a prize! Just email ideas and pictures to sharmi.crowther@usu.edu.

We all like a little mac and cheese sunshine and you will love this recipe so here we go:

Get together ingredients as called for on the box…
Bring 2 1/2 cups water to a boil and add the macaroni noodles..If you use 2 1/2 cups, you won’t need to drain the noodles and they will be done when all of the water is absorbed.
I added some cut up broccoli when the noodles were done.
Add the milk, butter, and cheese mix when noodles are done (and broccoli if you want…)
I also thought ham would be good so I threw in some chopped ham too 🙂
Stir it all together and do the hokey pokey and turn yourself about…
And that’s what it’s all about!
Lunch or dinner or even a quick snack. It’s that easy!

That was a “Waffle” lot of fun!

My daughter loves french toast. It is one of her favorite foods. The first thing she does when it comes off the griddle is smash in the middle so the syrup has somewhere to go. I solved that problem for her–I waffled french toast :)! Now there are plenty of little pockets for syrup or butter sauce or fruit or whatever. Try it out–it is great! Here we go:

Waffled French Toast–looks yummy, doesn’t it?
Get your ingredients: Eggs, milk, bread, and I like a little vanilla and cinnamon.
I used 3 eggs, a generous splash of milk, a good sprinkle of cinnamon and about 1/2 teaspoon vanilla and scrambled it all up with a fork.
Give the bread a good dunk and coat both sides with egg mixture.
Cook on a preheated waffle iron. Spray with non stick spray right before you plop the bread on there. I cook it on the lowest setting.
Look at those pockets waiting to be filled…
Top with fruit for a change. This french toast was topped several different ways. Maybe it has multiple personalities 🙂 I love to use butter sauce (from my first blog post) with fruit. Try it out!

Everybody Loves to Win!

And guess what? Everybody can!!! Kids Create is giving away prizes. And it is so easy to claim your free stuff because we all need more free stuff…and I would love to have some new ideas 🙂 So here’s the deal, you can “win” a a prize one of two ways:

  1. Email me a recipe idea that you want me to try out that is creative, fun, easy and at least a little bit on the healthier side along with your name and address. My email address is sharmi.crowther@usu.edu. If I use your recipe on Kids Create, then you will get a prize mailed to you.
  2. Email me a picture of you making or eating one of the recipes I posted on Kids Create, and you get a prize–how easy is that?!!!! Make sure you include your name and address and email me at sharmi.crowther@usu.edu. 

    This is an example of how to get a prize from option #2. Unfortunately, they don’t get a prize on this one because I made the recipe ;), but you get the idea…I am ready to give away free stuff like crazy, so get those emails to me!!!!

Why Not Waffle It?

So in thinking of what to make, I thought, “why not try waffling corn bread?” That way there are more holes to hold the honey butter! Or make it into a Navajo taco…Hmmmm, interesting. And so I tried it and guess what? It worked great! (Even if the pictures are a little creepy…:) So here goes…

Take your favorite cornbread mix and follow directions on the package…
Mix together to make batter…
Pour onto a greased, preheated waffle iron. I added the blueberries trying to bake a face in it but it didn’t really work. However, the cornbread baked great in the waffle iron.
So I made a face on the cornbread after I waffled it. Didn’t last very long–delicious! What else could you waffle?


Waffle Quick!

Who has an hour to wait for banana bread? Now you don’t have to! With this recipe you will have quick, easy, and super yummy banana bread in minutes. In fact, I could probably make the banana bread and be eating it faster than I can do this blog post…

Let’s get started!



1 cake mix

¼ cup oil

3 eggs

3 or 4 medium bananas, mashed

Heat up waffle iron to medium setting as you mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl. Spray waffle iron with non stick spray and drop batter onto waffle iron as desired. Cook until golden brown.

Use different flavors of cake mix to create fun flavors!

I used Funfetti cake mix but most other flavors work too…
Mix ingredients in a bowl…
Stir until combined…
Remember to spray the waffle iron!
Cook until golden. I think this one was 2 minutes or even less…
Make a banana bread butterfly (say that 5 times fast) and then let it flutter to your mouth…Yum, Yum, YUMMY!

For printable recipe, please click here Waffled Banana Bread

Wait, Waffle What???

This. is. awesome. I made WAFFLED GRILLED CHEESE and it was soooo easy. Cooked in 2 minutes and 39 seconds. Talk about fast food!

Get your bread and cheese and you could add other meats or cheese or even veggies, but I just used bread and cheese.
Very lightly butter one side of each slice of bread…
Place on waffle iron with the buttered sides on the outside…
Cook on medium heat for 2 minutes and 39 seconds…
And then you can make a lego looking grilled cheese house before you eat it 🙂
Lunch is ready!